The Unique and Fascinating History of the Dogo Argentino

Learn about the fascinating history of the powerful and loyal Dogo Argentino, from their early beginnings to their role as beloved family pets today.

Origins of the Dogo Argentino

Explore the roots of the Dogo Argentino breed and the vision of the man who created it, Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez.

Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez

Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, an avid hunter and dog enthusiast, had a vision in the 1920s to create a breed that could serve as a versatile hunting dog, as well as a faithful family companion. He carefully selected breeds such as the Cordoba Fighting Dog, the Great Dane, and the Old English Bulldog to create the Dogo Argentino that we know today. Dr. Martinez's intense dedication to breeding a dog with remarkable courage, loyalty, and strength gave rise to the majestic and powerful Dogo Argentino. His ingenious crossbreeding resulted in a dog capable of tracking prey, hunting large game, and providing unconditional love and loyalty to their human families. Dr. Martinez's legacy lives on through the Dogo Argentino, a testament to his remarkable vision and dedication to producing a supremely capable and protective breed.

The Perfect Hunting Dog

One quality that sets the Dogo Argentino apart from other breeds is its exceptional hunting abilities. Bred to pursue and take down big game such as wild boar, puma, and even jaguars, this dog's strength and tenacity make it the perfect hunting companion. Its muscular physique, keen sense of smell, and high threshold for physical activity make it a top-performing hunting dog. With its fearless and loyal nature, the Dogo Argentino is also well-suited for personal protection. Its hunting prowess and protective instincts make it one of the most versatile dog breeds in the world, capable of serving many roles, from beloved family pet to skilled hunting partner.

Breed Development

The journey towards the creation of the Dogo Argentino breed was a carefully thought out process, spanning many years. Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez had a clear vision in mind when he set out to develop this strong and loyal breed. He began his quest by carefully selecting a range of dog breeds that he believed possessed the most desirable traits and characteristics for his new breed. He drew inspiration from breeds such as the Cordoba Fighting Dog, Pointer, Boxer, Bulldog, and Great Dane among others. After numerous breeding experiments and careful selection of the best offspring, he was able to finally create the desired Dogo Argentino breed. Boasting strength, loyalty, and a tenacious spirit, Dogo Argentinos have become a beloved breed, thanks to Dr. Martinez's persistence and dedication to developing the perfect dog.

First Registered

In 1928, the Dogo Argentino was first registered by the Argentine Kennel Club. This momentous occasion marked the official recognition of this unique breed that was developed for big game hunting in the rugged terrain of Argentina. The registration reflected the passion and dedication of Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, who devoted his life to creating a dog that embodied strength, courage, and loyalty. Martinez had a clear vision for the perfect dog, and he spent decades refining his breed to achieve his goal. The Dogo Argentino quickly gained popularity not just as a hunting dog, but as a fiercely protective and devoted family pet. Today, this breed continues to capture the hearts of dog lovers worldwide with its unique history and remarkable traits.

The Dogo Argentino in Argentina

Discover the important role the Dogo Argentino has played in Argentinean history and culture.

Hunting with Dogos

Hunting with Dogos has been a long-standing tradition in Argentina, where the breed originated. These powerful and agile dogs were originally bred for big game hunting, and their versatility and fearlessness made them a popular choice among hunters in the region. Dogos were used to hunt everything from wild boar to puma, and their incredible strength and stamina made them valuable assets on long hunting trips. In the present day, while hunting with Dogos remains popular in Argentina, they have also gained popularity as family pets due to their gentle and affectionate nature towards humans. With their rich history in hunting and their loyal and loving behavior, the Dogo Argentino is truly a remarkable breed.

Police and Military Dogs

Police and military dogs have become vital assets in law enforcement and security. Due to their exceptional sense of smell, obedience, and intelligence, they can detect drugs, explosives, and even human scents. The versatile training of these dogs enables them to track suspects, search buildings, and perform crowd control. Moreover, they also provide emotional support to their human counterparts, serving as loyal companions and easing the stress of their high-pressure jobs. Overall, the use of police and military dogs has been an unparalleled success, resulting in safer communities and nations.

Popularity in Argentina

The Dogo Argentino is immensely popular in Argentina, with a reputation as a powerful hunter and loyal guardian. It is not uncommon to see these muscular and elegant dogs on the streets of Argentina, where they are cherished as members of families and symbols of national pride. Their strong jaws and brave personalities make them a formidable presence, and they are often used to hunt wild boar and jaguars in rural areas. However, despite their success as hunters, they remain beloved family pets in urban areas, where they are known for their affectionate nature and eagerness to please their human companions. It is clear that the Dogo Argentino remains an integral part of Argentinean culture and history, both as a symbol of strength and loyalty, and as a beloved companion.

The Dogo Argentino Around the World

Find out how the Dogo Argentino has gained popularity beyond Argentina, and their role as working dogs and family pets in other countries.

Working Dogs

The Dogo Argentino is a remarkable and versatile breed, known for its intelligence, strength, and loyalty. In addition to being a beloved family pet, they are also highly valued as working dogs in various countries, including the United States, England, and Spain. Primarily bred for big game hunting and boar hunting, they have also been trained for tasks such as search and rescue, tracking, police work, and even as therapy dogs. Their powerful build and keen senses make them highly efficient at these tasks, and their unwavering faithfulness and courage have earned them a well-deserved reputation as one of the most reliable and hardworking breeds out there. Whether they are hunting, tracking, or rescuing, the Dogo Argentino is a breed that consistently proves its exceptional capability, loyalty, and dedication to its handler.

Importation to the United States

The importation of Dogo Argentinos to the United States began in the early 1980s, and since then, their popularity has only grown. Although the breed faced some backlash due to their history as fighting dogs, Dogo Argentinos are now recognized as capable working dogs, particularly in search and rescue missions. Their natural strength and stamina make them ideal for these roles. At the same time, their loyalty and devotion to their owners have also made them beloved family pets. As a result, the breed has attracted a passionate following in the US, with breeders and owners alike celebrating their unique history and characteristics.

Dogfighting Controversy

Unfortunately, the Dogo Argentino has been involved in a dogfighting controversy due to its power and strength. Dogfighting is a cruel and illegal activity that puts dogs in danger of suffering serious injuries and even death. While the Dogo Argentino was initially bred for hunting purposes, some have misused their strength for fighting. This has resulted in negative associations with the breed, even though the vast majority of Dogo Argentinos are loving and loyal family pets. It is important to educate the public about responsible dog ownership and to promote humane treatment of all animals, including the Dogo Argentino.

Temperament and Training

The Dogo Argentino is known for its brave and loyal temperament, making them excellent watchdogs and protectors. However, this temperament requires proper training and socialization from an early age. These dogs are intelligent and respond well to positive reinforcement techniques, including praise and treats. It's important to establish yourself as the pack leader, providing consistent rules and boundaries. These dogs also have a high prey drive, making them unsuitable for homes with other small pets. With the right owner and training, the Dogo Argentino can make a devoted and loving companion.

Loyal Family Pets

The Dogo Argentino is a fiercely loyal and protective breed that has been trained to work with humans for generations. Despite their reputation as powerful hunters and guardians, they are equally adept at being loving and gentle companions for families. Their muscular build and fierce demeanor are often misunderstood by those who do not know them, but their owners know them as faithful and devoted creatures. The Dogo Argentino is well-known for their incredibly loyal nature and their unwavering devotion to their families. They are patient with children and are quick to protect those they love. This breed is truly one of a kind, and their loyal nature makes them an ideal choice for those looking for a furry friend that is both protective and loving.


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