Get to Know the Lovable and Unique Puli Dog

Discover the charms of the Puli dog and learn why this breed is a favorite among dog lovers. From their signature dreadlocks to their affectionate personalities, the Puli is a one-of-a-kind breed that will capture your heart.

What is a Puli Dog?

Learn about the origin and characteristics of the Puli dog breed.


The Puli dog is a herding breed that originated in Hungary centuries ago. The breed's exact origins are unclear, but it's believed that the Puli was brought to Hungary by nomadic tribes. These tribes used the dog to herd and protect their flocks of sheep. The Puli's characteristic dreadlocks served a practical purpose, as they provided insulation against the cold as well as protection from predators. Despite its long history, the Puli almost became extinct during World War II. Thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated individuals, the breed survived and even gained popularity in other countries. Today, the Puli is still used for herding, but it is also a much-loved companion and show dog.


The Puli dog is a Hungarian breed that is most notable for its distinctive appearance. Covered in tightly curled locks that form dreadlocks, this dog has a unique, shaggy appearance that is unmistakable. The Puli has a muscular build with a deep chest and strong legs, which give it an agile and athletic appearance. The Puli's head is wedge-shaped with a broad forehead and a sharp muzzle, giving it an alert expression. Its eyes are dark and round, and its ears are set high and drop down to frame its face. The Puli's coat comes in a range of colors, including black, white, and gray, making it a striking and eye-catching breed.


The Puli dog is best known for its unique appearance, but this breed also boasts a charming and affectionate personality. With its playful nature and high energy level, the Puli is an ideal choice for a family pet or for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. These dogs have a strong loyalty towards their owners and are very protective of their loved ones. They may be wary of strangers at first, but with proper socialization, they can be very friendly with new people. The Puli's intelligence and trainability make them well-suited for various roles, such as therapy dogs or agility competitors. With a diverse range of characteristics, the Puli is a lovable dog that will surely capture anyone's heart.

Caring for Your Puli

Discover how to properly care for your Puli and keep them healthy and happy.


Grooming your lovable Puli dog is an essential part of keeping them healthy and happy. With their distinctive coats and signature dreadlocks, your Puli will require special attention and care when it comes to maintaining their unique look. To groom your Puli, start by brushing their coat daily to prevent matting and tangling of their fur. Use high-quality grooming tools, such as slicker brushes and metal combs, to effectively remove any debris or dirt from their coat. Regularly trim their hair to prevent it from becoming too long and heavy, which can cause discomfort to your furry friend. With proper grooming and care, your Puli will remain looking and feeling their best.


Exercise is an essential aspect of keeping your Puli healthy and happy. These energetic dogs require regular physical activity to maintain their muscular bodies and prevent obesity. A variety of activities will keep your Puli engaged and stimulated, so try to mix it up with walks, runs, games of fetch, and even agility training. These furry friends have an innate herding instinct, which means they love to run and chase. You may also want to consider spending time at a dog park or enrolling your Puli in group dog training classes where they can socialize with other dogs and their owners. Just remember to keep your Puli on a leash when in public places to ensure their safety and the safety of others.


When it comes to providing optimum nutrition for your Puli, it's important to understand the unique dietary needs of this breed. Incorporating a diverse range of nutrient-rich foods can ensure they receive the proper balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Consider offering high-quality dry kibble, supplemented with lean protein sources like chicken or fish, and fiber-rich vegetables such as sweet potatoes or green beans. Avoid overfeeding your Puli, as this can lead to obesity. Additionally, ensure they have easy access to fresh water to keep them healthy, hydrated and happy. By following these simple nutrition tips, you can keep your Puli in top shape and give them the energy they need to enjoy life to the fullest!

Training Your Puli

Find out tips and tricks to successfully train your Puli and help them become a well-behaved companion.


Ensuring proper socialization is a crucial part of owning a Puli dog, as these lovable canines thrive on interaction with both humans and other animals. To facilitate socialization, it's important to utilize a diverse vocabulary to communicate with your dog in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, repetitively using the same verb can cause confusion for your Puli during training. Therefore, it's recommended to switch up the language you use for commands and tricks to prevent monotony. Lastly, the best way to socialize your Puli is to introduce them to a variety of people, animals and environments. With patience and commitment, you can help your Puli become a well-adjusted, happy companion.

Basic Commands

When it comes to training your Puli, a diverse vocabulary of commands is essential. You'll want to avoid repeating the same verbs too frequently, as this can lead to confusion and frustration for your furry friend. Instead, try mixing things up with different phrases for each command. For instance, use "come" instead of "here", "sit" instead of "stay", and "leave it" instead of "drop". By incorporating a variety of phrases and words into your training, you can help your Puli recognize and respond to different cues. With patience, persistence, and the right approach, you can establish a strong foundation of basic commands that will help your Puli become a well-behaved and obedient companion.

Advanced Training

Advanced training for your Puli requires an extensive array of techniques to enhance their abilities. Selecting a wide range of verbal cues is a vital aspect of training for Pulis. It is recommended to change the vocabulary regularly to avoid confusion with their perception. To prevent repetitiveness, it is crucial to introduce an assortment of verbs that stimulate your dog's senses and concentration levels. By exposing your dog to unfamiliar commands, you can challenge their intelligence and keep their learning process on track. It is important to be creative with your noun choices while advanced training, as repeating the names of toys or other objects too frequently will decrease your dog's attention span. Utilizing a mixture of visual and auditory cues in advanced training will ensure that your Puli maintains their progress and continues to be a well-rounded companion.

Puli Fun Facts

Explore some interesting and unique trivia about the Puli dog breed.


One of the most distinctive features of the Puli dog is their unique coat, which is composed of thick, matted dreadlocks that give them a distinctive appearance. These dense, corded locks protect the dog from various external elements, making them ideal for working in harsh weather and difficult terrain. The coat, which appears woolly and curly, requires grooming to keep it in top shape and keep the dog comfortable. Although it may seem like a hassle to maintain, grooming the coat is definitely worth it when admiring the Puli's unforgettable dreadlocks.

History of Sheepdog

The Puli breed dates back centuries and is believed to have originated in Hungary. The Puli, which means "flock" in Hungarian, was bred as a sheepdog and was highly valued for its ability to aid in protecting herds and flocks from predators. The breed's unique coat allowed it to blend in with the sheep, making it an effective herder. Historically, the Puli was also used as a guard dog and companion. Despite its ancient origins, the Puli remains a beloved breed today, cherished for its loyalty, playful nature, and distinctive appearance.

Pop Culture Appearances

The Puli dog has not only captured the hearts of dog lovers, but has also made appearances in pop culture. In the 1960s, a Puli named Czillag won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, cementing the breed's place in dog show history. More recently, a Puli named Preston starred in the 2017 film "A Dog's Purpose" as one of the canine characters. The Puli has also made appearances in television commercials, including ones for car companies and pet products. Their unique appearance and lovable personality make them a standout in any form of media. It's no wonder the Puli is considered a favorite among both dog lovers and pop culture enthusiasts alike.


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